Barcelona Code School

Barcelona Code School

Carrer de Muntaner, 262, 1-1 , Barcelona ( Ver mapa)

Barcelona Code School runs summer coding camps and after-school classes for kids from 9 till 17 years old. These programs are designed to introduce young students to the fundamentals of modern coding and to show how powerful and diverse coding could be. Most classes are taught in English. Our main areas of interest are web development, apps building, game development, robotics.

Our summer camp takes place every year in July and consists of 3 weeks of different age groups and with a different subject each week. During the camp, kids have a lot of progress in coding since they can dedicate 4 hours each day to learning in a friendly atmosphere.

That’s a great chance to make new friends and learn about working as a team with a project-based curriculum. The after-school classes are dedicated to igniting the problem-solving skills and innovative approach in children.

We try to explain fundamental concepts behind constantly changing hardware, software,apps, and gadgets. All of our instructors are real world developers and coders willing to share their skills with students and help them to design and develop their own projects.

During the workshops, kids discover computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, systems thinking, programming, design, and prototyping in the context of computer science. We strive to transform kids from passive users to inventors and creators, skills which are crucial for the future entrepreneurs and visionaries.

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Barcelona Code School

Carrer de Muntaner, 262, 1-1
, Barcelona